Thoughts on Freedom – 4th of July

Today, we celebrate Independence Day here in the US.  Over the last few weeks I have been watching “The War” and “Civil War”,  documentaries by Ken Burns capturing a portion of the American struggle.  After completing them, and time in reflection, I’ve concluded I am naive as to the violence, suffering, and true cost of our freedom.
If you serve, served, or know someone who has, is, and does – Thank You.  Those words will never be enough to replenish what you have given.  They will not bring back a loved one, give you comfort during a sleepless night, or provide you shelter – they are however, the most fitting offering I have.
The Great American Experiment is not over in many ways we are just at the beginning.  I count myself blessed to be a part of this country, this community, and this business because of people like you.  You and I are on a journey to find happiness – a place far from the tyranny of our Founding Fathers.  So, I challenge you to do you part in this experiment.
1. Say Thank You to every service person you meet.  Bonus, buy their meal or a beer.
2. Extend grace or kindness to someone undeserving.  You may not know what they are struggling with.
3. LIVE YOUR HAPPINESS.  Find what makes you happy, brings you joy, and drink it in.  Too much has been given, and too much is available for you to not pursue happiness in every moment.
Have a HAPPY and safe 4th of July.