Sales is a Person, Not a Process

Sales isn’t easy.  If it was it wouldn’t pay well, and everyone would do it.  When companies hire salespeople, too often they focus on putting them into a process and making sure it’s followed to the letter.  But what happens when a potential client doesn’t respond well to the process?  Should you just move on?

If you ask Eddie Green, the number one problem with salespeople today is they are focused on following a process and not on building a long term relationship with the human in the sales process.  Thus, sales is a person, not a process.

In this episode Eddie and Kyle discuss:

  • How to setup your sales team for success
  • What prospects want and how to give it to them
  • Where salespeople get it wrong in their process
  • When it’s ok not to sell
  • Who is the best salesperson for your organization
  • What the best salespeople know and others don’t



Eddie Green
Eddie GreenSales Coach and Leader
Eddie has eclipsed the term “sales professional” and is considered to be an elite ultra-high performer. He’s never ranked any less than #2 in any organization he’s worked for. It’s his passion and “student of the game” approach that sets him apart from most sales people.

A true servants heart mentality for his prospective clients, he bends over backwards to ensure their needs are not only met, but exceeded. Disaster Restoration is his true passion, his out of the box approaches to win relationships has been recognized on a national level, having mentored over 90 franchises, a keynote speaker at Convention, and a “go to” for Commercial account sales. A true leader in his field, Eddie is one of the most respected sales professionals in his field.