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Build a Million Person Social Media Following

Building a social media following and online presence is no easy task.  Gaining followers on Twitter takes different skills than likes on Facebook or follows on Instagram. So how do you build a loyal following of like-minded people?

It’s not as hard as you might think, but the answer might surprise you.

Join us as Darius Tan and Kyle Hamer discuss:

  • What it takes to grow your followers
  • Where you should focus
  • How to get the biggest ROI
  • When to add another social media account
  • Who you should be targeting and how to find them

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Welcome to The Summit. A podcast focused on bringing you the knowledge and insights for industry leaders. I’m your host, Kyle Hamer and I’m on a mission to help you exceed your potential. As a sales guy turned marketer, I am passionate about building sustainable businesses. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 20 years , it’s you won’t find an overnight growth-scheme, a shortcut to success, or a way to hack yourself. Nope, success is the by-product of hard work, great relationships, and deep understanding done over and over. We’re here to help you unlock that success with some secrets from other people, one conversation at a time.

Kyle Hamer: 

Welcome to the summit today. My guest is Darius Tan, an internet marketer, extraordinary social media expert. And you know, he won’t call you to call himself this, but I will. We’re going to w D T D T is in the house for me. That’s like it brings back the nineties version of Derek Thomas for the Kansas city chiefs. It’s got the same kind of feel, and spin is , is a Gary V, but we’re really excited to have you here in and get into our topic today, Darius, which is social media, how to take over the world by storm. And you know, before we do that, though, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Darius Tan: 

Ok great ? Thanks for the introduction. I guess people are gonna start calling me DT from now onwards. Um, but basically how I started, just very extra introduction. I started once I came from Twitter. I was just fumbling around on Twitter. And then I somehow grew a culminate right now, grew over about Saturday KK , reaching about that . And then, after I experienced such success on Greta , I went out to Instagram. We just have flopped horribly on there. Um, but after learning some tips and tricks and titles off piles of mistakes and spending over five figures, like testing out different things, I’m making tons of mistakes. Um, I was able to go for like about right now, he got about 180 K about that , but I can’t remember. I don’t, and I don’t really go by the vanity metrics. Um, people just like to know the numbers , so I give the numbers, but , uh, I said to believe that, you know, follow us don’t really mean much unless they’re able to make something out of it.

Kyle Hamer: 

Cool. Well, welcome to the show. It’s w it was funny when you and I were doing our , our pre-call and we were chatting here. You had some pretty great stories about how you got started. Um, so, you know, for, you know, and you touched on it briefly about, Hey, I got to 70 or 80 K in, in Twitter, Twitter followers. Tell us, tell us how you got started in this world of social media marketing and how you became an expert with millions of followers across multiple channels. Like what actually got this started . Okay, great. I’ll be dropping some value bombs as well. So for those who are listening, you better take some notes. So I think one thing is very important for you to understand this at the start, right? Is that every master was once a student, and every student was once a disaster.

Darius Tan: 

Okay . So if you leave the equation, every master was , was a disaster gag—you not magically become like, Oh, some social media expert. And like why I got , she was community people getting, getting these, getting buyers and things like that. And no , it’s never fun. Find them in Boseman spot . In fact, that’s probably what most of the people want to have people like , or many, like just in a few months, I probably blew up like maybe like NASA daily, or maybe like Jay Shetty and become one of the tops in the industry. But the reality is most likely just going to go very humbly and start up from a very humble place. So for me, I started out my whole journey. Um, because back then I was doing a lot of life coaching, right. So I was doing life coaching and things like that. So I thought, you know, I want to impact the lives of more people. And in fact , um , because I’m all the way from Singapore, we have like compulsory national service.

Basically everyone has to serve them . The military a for as long as you assigned to reach a certain age, you got to stop the military. So while I was in the military is it’s kind of like , uh , like a nine to five job justice, not a nine to five jobs. It’s like a 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM kind of job. Right. And I thought like, okay, man , uh, I want to do something as an impact. More people buy because I have no choice, but to serve two years in the military, I don’t have any way out of it. So what happened was I thought, you know, what might as well just use some platform and use a platform to talk to more people, to connect with more people, and maybe I’m able to impact more people.

Now here’s one of the huge problem that you guys should take note first, rookie mistake. They should never make a , do not start when you don’t have an end in mind. Okay. When I started this whole thing, my whole thing was just like, Oh, you know, I think I just go on to like Twitter and then I’ll connect with some people and maybe I help some people and coach them. Right. And then I had no plans of monetizing, no plans of building a community or doing whatsoever. Again , that’s a huge mistake. And I understand why later. So I started going on Brita , you know, Gary V has this night, 9:00 PM. I think he did 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM . He has this strategy from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM when he first stuck that out. And if you know, most of the time when most influencers stand out, maybe it’s for Facebook or Instagram or of my small known social media. I gave you like the Twitter site . So I went onto Twitter.

He did from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM . He tweeted out to everyone that was related to his niche, right? So wine, wine, wine, wine wine, or like some , uh , business thing. You’re busy search on the search bar or search to have stacks . Right. And then wherever they use that word on the haystack , you’re basically at like a two sentence , uh, pots to speak . Right. And then just add some value. And maybe if you can help them solve their problem, you get a business opportunity from there. So essentially I did the same thing. Just I had no end in mind. Okay. I went on to it and just like, you know what, I’m just going to be like a motivational speaker and it’s going to go on. And then I’m going to treat some motivational stuff. And I’m not very proud of doing this, but I treat like motivational quotes like then . And it’s like, the only thing I was I did was to quit. I was to , uh , motivational quotes. Now there’s nothing wrong with reading motivational quotes, but is that really the best value you can give to your audience?

Okay. But that’s essentially what I did, which was to be motivational quotes. And then I such, I need a Gary V strategy just that I didn’t have that much time because I had like the bunkers when like South they’re like chop, chop, chop PM or 11:00 PM. So we must form like 9:00 PM or the way to like trophy . And usually it’s around there about three hours of my time, reg teacup . And then I was just uplifting everything and everything. It’s not spend a few hours on Twitter, just tweeting at people and helping them solve their problems or any inquiries that have, and you really do the personal development kind of things. So if you’re asking, what do I actually such, right. Let’s say for your business. Right. Um , let’s just put it in context of why I did , uh , what I did was I just started people , you know , with anxiety by , because these are probably people who need more like support and the coaching and things like that, anxiety , uh , what’s called the keywords.

One of it is also like coaching. Maybe somebody bought activities that for coaches , right? Some of them are sweet use of what life advice by our personal development self book by this , that he was, I get very , um, I’m very familiar with it because I’ve been searching over and over again. Right. Obviously now I don’t really do like X coach. Right . But for business owners, if you want to start my music data , start by using keywords they are , is using. Now, what I don’t want you to do right now is to think like, okay, what keywords do my audience use? No, do not assume whatever QSA audience using. Cause most of the time when you assume what your audience is doing, it’s probably the opposite effect is probably the huge opposite effect. Okay. So always find the words that your audience is using and how do you go about that?

Do not assume, do not think about it. Do not self t o like, Oh yes. My idea is great. L ike he went, i t’s g reat. No, don’t do that. Go and follow the target audience that y ou, that you want. And when you follow it, you understand what w orks s teady u se. And in fact, the w orld greatest copywriters. In fact, they use words that t he audience use. You don’t come out with like s how i n t he w orld, greatest copywriters, h ave t hem great a t copy that they’re good at words, but t heir best copies come from using the words that t heir audience use, because that’s when you’re able to directly identify a b it to identify and relate to the whole, u h, to the whole audience as well. So that’s how I really started with just reading motivational quotes on my, on my feet and then connecting with a ton, a ton, a ton of people right now, if you go to my Twitter, it looks, I’m not connecting much to people, right.

But if you really want to scroll back, which doing, because don’t waste your time doing it, but really went to school all the way I was connecting and connecting and connecting over and over and over again. And there was bad . I was able to build like this a pretty huge community before I started to jump over on Instagram. And I was going about like freaking funky , organically on Twitter. And so what, one main thing, which I think should focus on better is not just on content. Twitter is excellent when it comes to communication. In fact, I’ll say Twitter , even more excellent than Instagram. Why every time someone tweets, right? It’s like, you can really just fall off the tree , but you can really follow up with Instagram comments. It’s a bit weird because everyone else is watching you having this connection. This is like this public display of , of , of connection. But on Twitter, you can just do it after 1% wheat . And you know , it creates one whole trip and you’re able to pick to anyone very freely and openly, openly the Instagram itself. So on Twitter, the way to growing it is really to communicate with your audience and to connect with them acute , not do not go into the fail and think like, Oh, I’m the authority. I’m the expert. You know, I shouldn’t connect with people because I’m so good.

You know, all these people should be coming to me to learn. It’s me connecting to them. No, you’re going to start from somewhere. Right. And maybe, maybe even if you’re a millionaire or whatever it is, I don’t really care. But if you’re on social media, attention is currency. And if right now, even if you’re a millionaire and you got like 10 followers, or you do have a community stuff on the ground up , right? Like how you, how you start out your own business before you even be seven figures, what you have to do, you have to go to all the and get your hands dirty. Like same thing on social media. Don’t find t he easy way out and I’ll l eave o ut. I’ll discuss more about how the easy way out actually affects a lot when it comes to your whole community, building on Instagram, especially.

Kyle Hamer: 

Well look, and you, you , you touched on a couple of things here that I think is interesting , uh, Darious, because for somebody who’s , uh, I’ll say older generation for me, I’ve never really fully appreciated it . I know that there’s a lot of power inside of Twitter, but I haven’t really figured out how to communicate with people in 140 words or less, or even to , to, to string together ideas, to create that sense of relationship. What are some of the things that if you’re just starting in Twitter or you’re looking for those key words , what are the things that you like, how do you start? Like where do you , where do you even begin? Because you started with motivational quotes, right? So it’s like do or do not, but do not try quoting, go to whatever it was that you did. Right? Like you had it , you had a certain strategy, but then eventually it led into a connection, which is what I mean, really he’s talking about connection. How did you create those connections with 140 characters?

Darius Tan: 

In fact, right. I will say that, you know, motivational course is just one thing. In fact, I’ve seen people who are direct marketers, in fact , uh , agency owners who does really well on some anyway, when I went to the MDM , they get quite number, quite a huge number of sales . In fact, I’m seeing majority of that’s just from Twitter. So I was like, wow, this thing has power, right? So I know there’s a crack , the limit on with one , right ? It’s when you’re creating content, making it to sizable by chunk content, let’s see right. If you’re not in a motivation or I ended up this last time , marketing, whatever it is, you can drop one marketing tip . It probably won’t cost you like so many words, right ? Maybe one marketing tip is like about, let’s say, or right now, just have this book of that classic book. Right . Positioning. Right.

If I talk about positioning and I say that, you know , positioning is not positioning in two words, not positioning yourself to how you want yourself to take, but how you want your customers to take . And that’s one, three in the South region . Right. And for all those business owners, they’ll be like, Oh . Yeah. That’s a good reminder that, you know, but the shedding is not about me, but it’s about my customers , mine and why my customers, they give up . So just one, that’s just one very small as are both what you can do. So that step one, step two is when you’re searching, right? When you’re making connections with these people, they want to work with, let’s say, if you are doing B to B on Twitter, obviously you , what you want to be doing is just actually honestly, when it comes to B2B, it’s a lot easier than it is to be the C cause there’s a tube .

When it’s me to be, there’ll be using very heavily focused and uh , very what centric, keywords centric , uh , tweets that will be picking up right for agency owners, they’ll probably be tweeting or some social media marketing and things like that. If let’s say a targeting , you want to work more with like agencies and things like that. Use those keywords that you usually use. Social media, marketing, marketing, direct, direct response, motivate your people will find a lot of this. This looks almost instantly, but when it comes to consumer, now that’s the hard part .

If a B2B is a lot easier because the keywords, that’s all they have to think about that you think all the keywords they bought for the B2C, it’s a bit harder to understand because you got to follow them. And then you have to, you have to sometimes, you know, as a customer, as an audience, in fact, when, when you are targeting B2C, they can just be tweeting like their daily, daily thoughts, right. Maybe they’re sitting on a toilet boy treating some daily stones , which is the sun out . What exactly is the keyword that they’re talking about ? Right. But for business owners , it’s a lot easier if I’m not long , the people who are listening to the podcast, I did more targeting B2B. Are they targeting B to C down ? Nobody’s trying to focus on,

Kyle Hamer: 

I don’t , I don’t think it really matters because at least in my, in my perspective, it’s, it’s human to human, right? So when you’re, when you’re marketing and you’re reaching out and you’re having these interactions, that there’s a person behind the social media account, there’s a person behind that particular post . It doesn’t, you’re not marketing to the business. Cause it’s not like the business posted or is monitoring. It’s a human behind that. So talk a little bit more about the human element in , in creating empathy, in that connection. Cause I understand that, you know, it might be easier to profile keywords in B2B, but if somebody says, Oh, hire me as a social media marketing agency or whatever, I’m probably not going to tweet at them something that’s going to be conversational. Um, I am. I mean, I don’t.

Darius Tan: 

Okay . So , so here’s the thing. I think a lot of people understand that, you know, yes, Twitter does definitely have quite a lot of moisture in it. And in fact, it’s one of the limitations of data. But , uh, Twitter was really XL about with dataset that tons and tons of other people tweeting while there are noise. There are also people who are tweeting genuine and meaningful stuff. So let’s say for me right now, if I want to connect with someone with look looking to maybe a Google community or Twitter or Google community on Instagram, but we want the , he was like, as such, we know his Twitter , literally the word Twitter , but I’ll probably have to sift through some of the complaints, right.

People will be like, Oh , data sucks and excited . These are people not definitely knowing my audience. And maybe if I want to be even more specific right. With the glove. And it’s like , so what I’ll do, right? Usually people who talk about winter golf , there’ll be like, Oh, maybe that’s what the algorithm has changed. And this is happening. It’s funny. What I’ll do is like, are in whatever my opinion of it was. And I think you don’t have to go in a very systemized way. I do not have like a structure or format when I tell people like, okay guys use this fast . You’re like, Hey, this I have looking, no, you don’t have to like instantly as a human. When you talk to someone else, let’s say , if someone has an opinion to share, right .

They’re talking about, you know, all the Twitter algorithm has changed and this and that and this, and then I’ll be like, say , Hey, you know what? That’s actually kind of true. Like I realized that this what really changed on my site for my Twitter profile itself. So genuinely connect with people. I think one of the misunderstanding on, on Twitter is about why the social media platform, people think like it’s a bit what connects people. But in fact, they’re just connecting with people the same way they claim your life. It’s just that I think people have that mental barrier that, Oh, you know, on social media, maybe other people are sick and I want to achieve my best image. Right. And then the more you try to portray your best image, the worst is actually on the wall of what the actually sounds because I’ve seen people tweet things and then someone follow up like, Hey, you know, and you know , it’s very important because like, I don’t know whether they want to lead into a sale or whatever it is. Right. They go in and they go like, Hey , um, you don’t want to , I think in your state , what you said was pretty true. You know, if you’re looking for this , uh, maybe I can help you with this. It’s a bit weird because you go in with a frame of my work , other people just talk it up .

It’s like, Hey , imagine some just talking about that daily life. And some sales may come here like, Hey, you want to buy this service so off you don’t do that in your life. So you don’t do that on social media. You start off with [inaudible] jab , jab , jab , jab hook , right. You start off with giving value. Right? In fact, I would even say, give value . Is it in fact, I’ll just say, why don’t you just say what your opinion is, right. And if so, maybe parcel caught up with the word value and people come to , Oh , I must force myself to give value. Why don’t you give your opinion? Because most, most of the time, your opinion has value. It’s just that you keep over of like all value, value, value.

How do I give more value ? Just of your opinion . Because most of the time you’re opening methods and you’re open open-air one value. And the competition like how, right now you count right. Are asking questions, right? And you are value adding to the conversation. Too many people think that, Oh, you know, if I see a question, probably doesn’t valuate by doing this, that’s not valuable . And we start to like , uh, penalize ourselves, or we start to like shift down to the micro details and really micro analyze ourselves. Like, Oh, you know , maybe I shouldn’t use this word . I shouldn’t use this one . No, just be who you are on social media, like who you are in real life. Because I always tell this to my clients or to my students.

The control , my master class is the fact that 25% of the people studies are shown that when you find out 35% of the people that you meet in life will never have like you. So what’s the point of creating a fake persona or trying to be your best self in order to make people like you . Because the two fears , 25% of the people are still not going to like you, right. You’re probably going to be like, Oh, well that’s such a fake persona and things like that. So why bottle pleasing the twenty-five percent on people because they’re doing such a huge disservice to the other 75% of people who are following you because they probably want your content.

They probably do . They probably want to hear more of your pops , but it’s not doing a huge disservice to the 75% focused on the people that you can actually serve of the people on the twenty-five percent of like, Oh, I want to keep that perfect, perfect avatar and perfect. Perfect. Every other reason why I hate it is because of this. If you think about back in your school days, right? I mean, everyone has, for me going through school, like, can you met Kim and let a kid in class while we say like, Oh, ideas I need for my test. I just , I , for my exams. And then when the results comes out, then you look at it and it’s like at the top of class and you go like, what the hell seriously? Right. And just thinking you will never, ever be able to relate to the kid . Like , and you probably don’t really like the kid because you think he’s like a bit snobby, this exact same thing that people are going for.

People think like , Oh, I want to keep myself perfect. I want to , like, I want to be like the best person seen as in the best possible light and be like very perfect. When it comes to value, adding comments or peanuts, everything is super perfect. Yeah . Being the kid back in class, I kid you not like people wouldn’t be able to relate because just soap effect . But when you don’t have any mistakes, you don’t have any vulnerabilities. You don’t have anything ongoing with your life other than like your perfect quotes , your perfect Bissell’s advice that will never ever go wrong . You’re just going to be like the class people would be able to relate to you. And that’s the number one asset is when it comes to building a community, people have to lead to you.

If people realize that, Hey, I don’t really understand where you guys were . Like, I think it’s got some pretty good, right. Davis courts are pretty good. You know, his podcast is really good, but I don’t really relate to him. And if they do relate to me, I wouldn’t have a person coming back to me. They’re just what they’ll know me as is like, Oh, that’s a, that’s a really good advice guy . They wouldn’t know me as like, Oh, I really love Degas . And like his openness mini grid on this map , you relate to difference like how much of a difference it is. Right? But you caught that perfect person like that kid in class, you would be like, Oh, he’s dressed smarter . That’s all you have to say.

You’ll say like, Oh, he’s really smart intellectual. That’s it . You don’t really have any compared to a friend with goals. Like, you know, this guy is not very smart, right? He makes mistakes, but this guy is ha rdworking. This, like, I totally understand where he’s coming from, but th at’s a huge difference. But a lot of people are trying to achieve that perfect persona on it, on social media, tr ying t o add value to the maximum possible possibility an d m icro analyze everything they do to j ust be yourself, be authentic because 25% of people are still not go ing t o l ike you, you’re going to walk on the streets today. You co unt o n e, tw o, th ree, fo ur, every one on f our people not go ing t o l ike you, what’s the point we might as well be polarizing.

Kyle Hamer: 

No . And I think, I think that’s, I think it was really valuable. And it’s also why, you know, when you said, you know, B2B, B2C, I don’t think it matters because again, it’s still human to human, right? So when I’m marketing or I’m selling or I’m communicating, I’m communicating as a person, people don’t buy things from corporations. I don’t buy things from, from Nike, per se. I buy it from the person that Nike has got the product on, or I buy it from the sales rep that I really like at Nike, or, you know, if I, if there’s somebody that I buy a masterclass from, I buy it because I identify with what they’re sharing and how I can engage with them. And so when you think about social media and , and some people are always worried about how do I get a big following? How do I get a big following? I think at least what I’ve heard you say Darius is , is that you don’t grow a big following by going out there and blasting a bunch of just platitudes in this perfect image.

Not all of us can be Kim Kardashian or , um, you know, Kanye West or some of these big celebrities that have a certain image. Like there’s , there’s this softer underbelly of the human spirit that we have to be flawed. We have to be imperfect. We have to show that, you know, our perfect self is actually imperfect. And that, that it starts with the connection. I think the thing that you said there, that was really, really interesting to me early on in that, in that I said, well, how do you even do it? You said, well, you need to just be authentic, provide value, provide value. But I think it starts with connection, right? It’s asking a question , um , sharing an antidote, providing empathy, like a relationship, regardless of where it starts, whether it’s on social media or in real life, doesn’t start with you walking up to somebody and being like, Hey, fall in love with me because I’m awesome. But that’s not how it works.

Right? Like it , it, it starts from this perspective of, I had something snarky to say and they thought it was funny or , uh, I tripped and fell and I hit my head and they came over and showed me compassion. And , and so we struck up a conversation. And so there’s always these, these human moments that happen. And I , I think it’s really interesting to hear you talk about as somebody who’s got a huge following, building that community , um, intentionally one person at a time and doing it without it becoming, you know, perfect. Like not having to be perfect all the time. So that’s , I appreciate that insight. Now you talk a little bit about transitioning from Twitter to Instagram. Tell me what the transition was like. And tell me, like, what made you move from one to the next , so

Darius Tan: 

Interesting story. Uh , like I say , right, I did not have an end in mind, so it’s a continuation. Sorry . I did not have an end in mind. I was pretty darn bad at Instagram fact . So I did not have any in mind. I thought you don’t have to be posting motivational quotes on with the right . And I’ve been just posting whatever my thoughts are , but I was thinking, okay, if I were to take this onto Instagram, you’ll probably work very well with us . I mean, the audience on Twitter, like pretty much fencing , whoever was posting , but I thought, Hmm, maybe this will work on Instagram and actually know what it was a huge , um , because, and that’s why they always say that we should never ever do the same thing from one platform to another platform because your audience is totally different. Do not ever expect yourself like that . Let’s say Kyle follows me on Twitter.

Do not ever expect him to be the same as him following me on Instagram. Like if you realize that we go out to Peter looking for different things from Instagram. And I think this one, this will be a good marketing insight for you . And in front of you as a threat on Twitter, I was talking to one of the very well-known , uh , social media marketers as well, who has stuff, what utility companies. I was just discussing theme about the whole state, all social media. So we realized that Twitter actually generates the most amount of traffic and leads for us. I sent you , it , it generates more than Facebook then Instagram that bit, just if I can combine all of it together, obviously Twitter is very interesting. And in fact, Twitter is, has less of the , my Instagram now.

So about what to say about. So as I was going back to the whole point of Twitter, it’s a lot about connections, a lot about building connections and people are going on to Twitter, searching for information. It’s the grant . People are going to get that daily dose of, Hey, what’s happening in another person’s life . What’s happening in this night in her life. Maybe people can argue as to here isn’t Twitter . The same thing by , by new Walesa, Peter has a lot more articles. You will actually get a lot of your new smile . You look at how Donald Trump like trends, where does he train on he, us , right. Politics is a huge spot when it comes to .

Kyle Hamer: 

And I think there’s , there’s something really interesting that you said earlier, cause you brought up Trump. Um, you said using the words that your audience uses or that your people use. And I think that’s one of the things that, you know, for, for good or for bad, whether you like Trump or you hate Trump, doesn’t really matter. He’s really good at using words that a lot of people can identify with and get behind. They understand what he’s saying versus if I was watching , um, you know, somebody that was maybe from Harvard business review or from another, another , uh , Twitter account or getting my news from something that was a bit more high brow, it may not be relatable. And I had , uh , at a person that I was talking with the other day and they use the word colloquial in , uh , in conversation. And I was like, what the hell does that mean? Well, come to find out, it means casual conversation. And you know, like I was like, Oh, well, gosh, why didn’t you just say, it’s like the w the actual sentence this person used was is , uh , I feel like what you’re saying is a bit colloquial. And I was like, okay. And so when I went back and looked at it and like, why didn’t you just say it was too casual? Like, I want something a bit more, whatever. And it’s like, wasted words, alienates your audience. And to your point of, you know, Trump, he leverages Twitter in words that people can digest. So when you look at how people communicate in and engage on Twitter, talk to us about how people communicate, engage on Instagram, because it’s a totally different place .

Darius Tan: 

Definitely. Let me actually call you for what you’re saying. If I taught me. So that’s another good example of, you know, 25, 35% of people in the world would never liked you. He doesn’t, he doesn’t have a need to have 25%. You can have 40% of people. It is not like even yesterday, we , they like said, so there’s no point in it, guys. That’s not how you understand our authenticity and being , that’s a really good point. So moving on , um, back to [inaudible] itself, people always looking for information, they’re looking for news articles, and that’s why most of my views on my articles where we pop , we publish articles every week, right? And my podcast , most of the downloads actually come from Twitter. And just the thing,

I have a dedicated with a patient on my podcast , digital legacy, and also the same for my Instagram. Now let’s move on for Instagram on Instagram. I’ll probably have 10 times less foot traffic, even though there’s more followers and more people on Instagram, that’s following my focus now, going on to Instagram, what people actually want this job kind of like, they want to get updates, wanted a lifestyle. So they’re constantly going on to look at other other people’s picture . [inaudible] right. They’re looking at pictures in order update wise happening. So on Instagram, when people are going on Instagram, the only thing I can see if you are a business and you want to try it on Instagram, the only proven way to go about it. And I’ll say , brilliant . I’ve never seen anyone else would do it in a different way, but you can go full on entertainment.

Right . But then that really push us out. A lot of the business expect aspect of what they’re doing, but unless you’re selling an entertainment [inaudible] , but if you have, you must always be selling. Entertainment is always education and entertainment at the same time. But I think that’s why , um, I’m not going to talk about tech , but just to put in the element of Instagram and vehicles , the whole reason why Instagram reels and why Instagram incorporated, it’s not just because Facebook is moving and like , we should stop it from taking over us. And we’re the combination of kids on it. No, it’s not because Instagram is awful and thought it was really powerful because it combines the whole enema education and entertainment. But as you have 15 seconds of like dancing, or like, you know, pointing like two different things and end up, what’s the theory it’s informational and it’s the photo .

It catches your eye. It goes like, Oh, well, this interesting form of delivering. So on Instagram, what people really are looking for is a different ways of delivering whatever content you’re having. People don’t like to see the reason why not , why the whole reason why motivational posts , because it’s one form of delivery. You understand? Like that’s the only one medium, one mode of delivering the kind of content, which is just forcing a picture of a picture is mostly words . Right? And that’s the only thing that most to my audience. And if you’re constantly posting that, right, and you are posting stupid , of course, thanks mom . Like maybe you think lots of Nelson Mandela once on like 20, well , basically everywhere. And then it just, no one , that’s like a seven foot guide . And that’s a tumble . A lot of people who are doing that, right .

Then people might start to come out here and be like, Hey wait . But if you go to like red number staff account, [inaudible] highest bid [inaudible] right. He he’s whole , basically with a lot porch . Now that’s a different thing. Now, the reason why random [inaudible] like coach is because both are his own origin. Of course, every single quarter they come out with is his own . And if you realize he does not just what he posts about hoods , he does sports videos as well. He does post , um , always about his life and things like that. So you will never ever see one of call a one industry that pretty much does most everything about course , no one, no one will ever adjust more sports. Because why , as a follower, you get bored every single day. The reason why Kim K adesha, why c an you a sk people who have p opped them up that people w ear the most? S ome o f i t w as t he r eason w hy t hey b ought.

So therefore it was, and people constantly t alk about them every single day, posting different things. They’re posting different things. Y ou d on’t s ee, u h, you don’t see l ike J ace. Y ou’re like, don’t you obviously every single d ay w ould s ay, p ut a q uote. O f c ourse they don’t because if you really want to i nteract and you want your followers to keep up with you, y ou’ve got to show different elements. Y ou’re g oing to go to different mediums now. So on Instagram, t hey t ell you, and you want a fully with the license dropping some tips. S o v ideo plus one is I D, T V d oors in the u s or u ps or whichever country that r eels, u h, available t o i t’s not available in my c ountry, which is a s tain because I really, really, really, really want to get on board with it. It’s super creative. I n f act,

Kyle Hamer: 

How would you use it? Okay. You got really , you got really excited about it, which is, which is great. So tell me how you would. How would, how would you use it Darius Tan for your masterclass?

Darius Tan: 

I got a few ideas I feel inside . So if y’all want to steal my ideas, go ahead. [inaudible] right. In fact, I highly appreciate it. If you actually do this and if your work’s valid , please text me on my social. You can find me at DVS GSW eight. And so I’ve got a few [inaudible] . So one thing I can probably do is I’ll say like, fight this on. Let’s say, okay, this is in my context, in my context. So I want , I guess I got to go fight bits on how I can, how you can grow your first 10,000 followers . I’ll fight it on how you can, blah, blah, blah, blah. Find things on how you can get more sales on Instagram. And then first thing I’ll do I’ll show. We go with, like, let’s say my first day there , my first day it’s like listing give value.

Right ? And probably what I’ll do is X out giving value. Now I’m not talking about the cringy way of like acting out in front of the camera. No, what I’m saying is like, you know, I think you gotta like, take like some , uh, ability to take a book or I’ve got to take a pile of books and I’ve got to give it to someone else. I’ve got to fill me . Right. And then like, let’s not give value. And the second one, right? Stay connected, stay connected . Maybe I can go . I can get someone else to be me. And then I’ll just look the other person straight in the eyes . But if you’re asking me [inaudible] coming on the spot by accident , I know what is the main ideal listen to when it’s on wheels, right ?

What you want to really focus on is that changing the animals of change . Probably not changing that change , right? The reason why it feels not so well is because you change and change and change and change and change . You realize that the picture, the what’s the reason why popping out looks is because you change it. [inaudible] because of changer , but you don’t want to have a static for a second video rag will right now. Like let’s say me and [inaudible] okay. So guys, today’s five tips on growing your followers, everybody just by me and my desk going to school. But if I do this, my first one give value. And as people will continue watching it, even though maybe to them, it’s like, well , I really thought about this before. There was no one . It , because they’ll be like, well , that’s this like anyone of change ?

Which people absolutely love. Not only just on top , but on Instagram, on Facebook, Facebook , uh , one of the huge, one of the biggest videos, I probably get that a lot. I was on Facebook, a compilation videos, videos that tend to do well on Facebook, on YouTube as well on Instagram. That’s not why, because people love the element of change. That’s one thing I realized. It’s not just because it’s pop validation on the best thing on a fire . No, in fact asking so bad, but this should go hundreds and thousands of views. Why? Because that’s the element of cheap people want kind of from them . And that’s the way we’re moving towards. I think when it comes to HGTV , right ? That’s a huge [inaudible] agency . That deals because I didn’t give you something about one minute . Now , if you want to do IGT , it better be something really deep and insightful.

You better be something that needs pirates . If you’re going to give me an V where I talk about five tips on growing a community , when it can be expanded 10 seconds, I’m not going to watch that. Correct . Okay . I went down my stuff in the face. I would also check right . IgG V you fall really teach it in depth, concepts and insight that you really want to provide to them, to your audience by needs time to explain it.

Right . Let’s say if I were to talk about positioning, a video was to go in-depth into position in consumers . Fine . I’m not going to be able to do it in like freaking five seconds. I go like, okay, firstly , you got to do it, just do this and this. I get , no, it’s not right. Well, let’s say, if you want to do it, if you want to go, like maybe some people want to go into physics and things like that right now , physics and things like that. Hey , is it going to take time to actually explain to your, to the , to your audience, but it’s not . It’s always a good various to have HGTV . [inaudible] that I do MIG males , but what should be doing is combining it to some science and then having IgE reels . Because some people just want phone content, soundbites , people want long form content . The reason why Instagram does well is because there different modes, not one avoid to the modes , right? Plus one is just a catch-up post .

Okay. This is what most people do by just look through the books. Second one is a video, right? Is zero to one minutes by. And in fact I’ll say [inaudible] videos by now videos coming, becoming a bit irrelevant because of [inaudible] K M I G rails like right . C is to really do bite-size content because people are sick of very long phone content. Have you seen those kind of videos where you go, like you watch a video and people are like, well, you could just like stayed in like 15 seconds. This guy Krebs , explain this concept in a few seconds. But it took so long. Just explain the concept, take all those concepts and using the IGMs . Okay.

And IGB is when you go deeper in depth into one concept, right ? Let’s say if I worked with , talk about giving value on what exactly am I and how exactly am I going to give value? But if I have a framework for giving value , which I will go and I’ll do it in Oh three , the LGTB, okay. Moving on IgE lives. And I think there’s one thing going back on the whole point of connection, right? IgG life is one thing that everyone is. I feel a lot of people are really just missing all these for-profit Twitter guests . You connect that to people. I feel it like gets you collect the way deeper. Why? Because let’s say if I want to pop into [inaudible] , maybe let’s say college [inaudible] , but since I’ve invited him, it’s just going to come on. But if I wasn’t going to hijack the game , it’s quite similar to me being on the podcast, we really get much more in depth insight.

We get to connect way deeper. We get to really talk about stuff that really matters. And we’re not talking about superficial things or like we have to, you know, concise Paul what’s in the affects , but because we’re able to voice on how we truly feel, we’ve got a vice , our obedience, we got a voice, our questions everyday to ID life. And that’s actually how I got connected to this freaking big social media marketer. Who’s serving like 50 companies to ID life. [ inaudible], it’d be lovely if you’ll be able to, in fact, the exact message and probably somewhat similar to why actually a message please. So for those people who are taking like, how’d you connect with influencers, right? The first thing is just type it and say, Hey, the first thing is for activity , Jessica don’t take too much into what fame or what , what format is best in connecting with them? Or like, how do I reach the, what a copy door just by giving value to them. So, first thing I go is like, Hey , uh , Hey, now I realize that your content is pretty darn good. And I got this particular concept from your latest book and I left a review on a book and I think you did. I left a review of his book on Amazon as well. Right. And that’s the first thing I did was connect with him. So I go like, Hey , um , I really love book . I love this concept. And I actually left a review on Amazon as well for you. Um , would you be keen on helping ? I’d like to chat more about this pattern in a book that I really love, which I take my audience will benefit a lot from it. Can you realize how I digitally placed myself in the position of, Hey, I kind of have a relatable thing for you right now, which is I actually read the book and I review a book and now let’s connect on a much more deeper insights , your ideal life, but in the drone is state venue bonds . That’s right. It will connect the after that as well. So the whole mid point of doing it live is to really connect people with someone . And let’s say , right, for those people who are going to complain to me, and they’re probably going to say, Oh, this , I send this to like a influencer or like a thought leader in the [inaudible] follow up, follow up by most of the time, like people always say marketing , right? The money is made from the full walks , right? Even in retargeting apps, like people, all those Facebook marketers , [inaudible] , I’m not huge on ads . I’m totally organic if you can down those Facebook, but always I can say, Oh, the money is in the retargeting , which is true as well in Google ads .

Right ? Retargeting following up is always where the money is at same thing to do with influence show connection. If you want to connect with the big people in the industry, you better follow up, but you don’t just give up on the first day of like, Hey , um , uh, I want to go help on the IgE I can view . And then after that they don’t reply. Well , all that . He doesn’t want to take a video and man, I snuck a big sign in . No, one’s gonna, no, one’s gonna attend your PD party. Okay .

No, one’s going to attend PD . So we’ll just follow up with the thought leader influencer. You want to connect and just drop them a message and say, Hey, I know you have kind of Z and you know , um , you’re going to a lot of VMs and things like that. But is that about to go to the rate of three on ID line, by me more specific with the request I asked you can fall . So we don’t ever go in and just say like, Oh, when are you free? Do you have that already busy l ives? When you think that t hey w ill say that I am f ree, n o, I’m busy. I’m not f ree by going w ith a specific date or t ime. I f w e want to connect with s omeone, d o you want to hop on a call?

Do you want to get some insights from Dave? Y ou want to stay with s omething r equest for whatever thing you want to do. I want to have collaboration. We don’t have JV fantasy setting up specific date set specific time. I think one thing, right , is red people also want to ask for IgG lives with me or get me hopping onto their podcast. Be more specific. But if you want to really connect with someone, be more specific with what you’re asking, don’t ever go in and say like, Oh, Hey, can I get you on my podcast? What bulk cost ? Who am I talking to? Right. What’s up? I get that . But I don’t want to be talking to people that, you know, I’m interested in digital marketing and sales , like yeah .

It’s about like organic marketing. And go ahead and comment. No one understands, like there’s no point in doing it, right? So if you really want to connect with people, I’ll say that on fifth on Instagram WIVA we got, we got lust of the platform. Be specific with what you want to be asked about. I really believe that the quality of the question to ask data , the quality of the life that you choose to lead , right? If you choose to ask yourself like, Oh, why don’t I get this? That’s a pretty bad question for you to ask yourself, right ? Why is you ask yourself, what can I do better in the copy, which will make him collaborate with me. And then immediately to the point that, okay, maybe that continues . I continue to buy, but if you ask yourself the old , uh, why don’t, why did I get this? And then you’re probably going to end up with a conclusion of , Oh, I probably stopped, or I probably have valued the followers, but the quality of your questions really determine the quality of your life. Not just it does connecting with people. It does have you living your own life as well. So I think hopefully that provides enough insight into connecting on Instagram itself.

Kyle Hamer: 

It , there are a couple of things that you’ve talked about most specifically, that last one where you you’re talking about the quality of your questions, determine the quality of your life. You know, I don’t know how many, how many salespeople or marketing people that I talk to on a regular basis where they have this, this idea of I’ve got to have all of the answers like I’ve got, I’ve got to be the, the expert. I’ve got to be the guru. I’ve got to tell you how it is in what I’ve learned is , is what you’re saying is there’s a lot of truth in the quality of the questions, determine the quality of your life, but also in terms of the quality of your sale, the quality of your , uh, your engagement, the quality of your relationship, because the power really doesn’t lie in the answer. The power lies in the question. And can I re ask the right question to uncover the right nugget, to, to create that opportunity for value, where you can be seen as an expert where you , um, determine and bring in additional context that other people didn’t have. And when you can ask powerful questions, you can actually control the dynamic in the conversation in a way that you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room. You just have to be the most inquisitive that might . I totally agree with this whole,

Darius Tan: 

The point of asking the question, in fact , uh , dead . When I stopped on my podcast , I was really that bad at asking questions, right? And I think how we have really great holes in asking questions to meet the conversation by it keeps the whole conversation flowing and get this my ideas coming out and my tips and advice us all. [inaudible] like an X . So yeah, the art of asking question is really a wonderful art that I think everyone should master, not just for your clients , not just for your business, but everything that really involves around your life.

Kyle Hamer: 

I w I, you and I are in complete agreement on that . The other thing that I think is really interesting that I heard you say that, that, that really hadn’t crystallized with me is the very first, the very first marketing class content, whatever you want to call it, that I consumed was , uh , was a , um, an online information marketing consulting group , uh, ebook , if you will, it was called everything you knew about marketing is wrong. And it was part of a bigger marketing system called monopolize, your marketplace and the guy who was teaching. It was rich Harshaw. So this has been 15, 20 years. And when you, when you think about that, like that person in what they did left a , a monumental impression, but the stuff that that’s relevant today is everything I’ve heard you talk about as it relates to Instagram or Twitter , uh , the way you would use Instagram real, the way we use Instagram life , the way you use IETV all of these different elements as you sprinkle them across your , um, you know, the way you engage is there’s four main concepts that I was , uh, that , that framed up what we called good marketing or good advertising. And the first thing was interruption, right? So the first, the first step is to get somebody’s attention. And once you have their intention, then you want to engage them. Now, it doesn’t matter if that’s in, sounds like to you, if it’s , it’s an , a personal tweet, like I’m interrupting them by replying to their tweet. And if I engage them, it’s because I said something either really clever or on point or added value, right. But the third thing in this, in this step of what he was talking about was education. So, you know, interrupt, engage, and then educate. And when you’re educating to your point, you’re actually taking that value of what’s in the real . And here here’s a book and actually saying, okay, well, here we , we talked about the five tips, but when we get to, how do you really create value and how do you really give value? This is what it looks like and expanding into that. That’s the education component in so much marketing, so much sales today misses the component of education. And yet everything we see across the entire internet is people seeking to educate themselves, right? Hey, I don’t want to buy from you until I know that I can trust that I’m in buying from you is, is going to provide value or that there’s more there or that I like. And so it’s , it’s really interesting to me that people try and give just enough engagement to go directly to, which is step number four, which is offer. And they skip that entire engage or education component. And it’s like, you know, again, the steps that, that rich taught were interrupting, gauge , educate, and offer. And most people skip, educate, and go directly from engagement to offer. And , and then they wonder why people aren’t converting or why people aren’t engaging, or whether community is not growing. It’s because they’re perceived as somebody who interrupted me just to sell me something. And that’s not what I’m looking for. And it sounds to me like, that’s absolutely been your experience with, you know , how you’re deploying social media and how you’re leveraging it to grow your , um, grow your tribe, grow your community. Does that, I mean, am I, am I kind of

Darius Tan: 

Understanding actually, in fact, I’d like to add on a bite . I totally agree. First of all, I don’t really agree with the whole Bethany that if you many different ways, for those, we both were thinking like, Oh , you know, in other , I have to always go, wait, wait, wait, wait, listen , give me [inaudible] . That’s like [inaudible] air horn or something like that. Right? So to pattern interrupt, there are a few different ways after posting by over thousands of content. In fact, I don’t have a color anymore. Right. But that waste my feedback to do a pattern that we waste , like people, people in one way to provide curiosity, to ask a question is to provide the curiosity. Now, a lot of people always like to go with a pure answer , the angle like , Oh , um , this man is a genius , uh , retail to find out how like all like, Oh, this one question changed with lifeline or this one question cost him a million dollars. Right? It’s how you create curiosity and things like that. Second one is like , what you say, buy a pet that inbox can go two ways by I’ll just share with my clients by N two ways. The first way is going in direct club tension with what a person usually picks. For example, if people were to say that, you know, Oh , um, marketing is great. And if I say that and mock , the thing is the worst thing you can do right now. People are going to go like way , but we’re going to go like, Whoa, what the hell is he saying ? Right.

Kyle Hamer: 

You’ll get 25% of the people that are shaking their head. Yes. Yeah . It’s terrible. Eight marketing.

Darius Tan: 

Yes, definitely. And then one way it’s confidential. This is what is very popular and what people will probably use. Right. Another way to actually get Bethany Philips is to mess up the order of thinking here, which I think a lot of people aren’t using it. Wasn’t , I mean, by messing up the auto thinking, so let’s see , right . Um, if I read a book, I would get tons of insights. Right ? What if I start off, I start off plot . Then I say, you can’t get insight right. Before you even read the book and people will be like, wait, is it the other way around you get the, you read the book. You’ve seen like, hi , I’m bleeding. I’m like, there’s any rhythm . And that’s what that might expose something . And that’s not , you, it’s not as well. So I realized that two times alone , people always like to go the curiosity , which is like, Oh, do you know how you can do this? Or like how you can do this without this, but not the normal marketing books. It’s always , uh , anything alone and really pushing out lot curiosity by , by in fact, I find a lot more useful. It’s not heavy like this direct . So the reason why I play it back to the industry , Willow curiosity is indeed I’ll say [inaudible] because when it comes to pure city , it goes like, okay, this is one new thing. Like, Oh, do you know how you can make $1,000 in 30 days? Something like that. Right . Just I’ve mentioned that. It’s because you’ve seen it condos how many times, but you go onto YouTube and then you see this guy sending you this day and you can go on Facebook. You see the same guys that people are using the same day . How I got $1 million in 60 days is going on the same, same, same thing again. And again, and again, I don’t talk about X , but from a content. But if you see content and the mangoes or how I go buy a million dollars in 60 days, right ? Yeah. Maybe the content is interesting, but after a while , it’s going to wear off and trust me, [inaudible] debt very well, way off because of how many times people are using it, they’re using over and over and over and over again. I tell people becomes, so this specifies to looking at it and they go like, Oh, they’re just click, click. And then they won’t be [inaudible] direct content, which I think this content works really well. It would direct tension. All you go in messaging on auto thinking. Now that’s not right. And then go back and get through it . It’s not about before education . Now. I think people always have this question, which people I think really would have this question on a podcast as well . Is that, should I give a read my best? Like my best insights and my best knowledge on Instagram or Facebook? What people like, think like, Oh, since you really give up all this content, then I, then I don’t have to buy from him. I don’t have to work with him. But because like, that’s about it now, in fact, right . I’ll argue with this page. It’s not about the whole game review strategy of a whole, give everything for free. It’s not about that. It’s not about that. It’s back to this whole principle, right ? It’s the whole, every , Oh , sorry. The law of Everage is really the law of average. It’s an alarm , every state, right. That that’s me . If I look at com , right. And I look at color and I know like, okay, it’s a digital marketing agency business out by does make the back end kind of things. As long as softwares and things like that , systemizing. Right. And connecting the marketing and sales . That’s what I don’t like. And that’s the law . But the thing is, if that’s not social media, the only thing it plays out is like, Oh, we helped you do connect marketing and marketing and sales together. And , uh, that’s about it. I don’t really see the results that you get. I don’t really see why his methods they use or techniques. They do. The only thing I know that is okay, I know that college doesn’t guy that connect marketing and sales together. That’s it true? The loss , every information, the only thing I can find out is that, okay, this guy is doing the same thing. As far as everyone , some other people do it. But if I give up my best information, that is how I increase the law . Every now, then my whole ranking. Right. And people always think that, Oh, we don’t rank people now just think we rank every one of them . We rank everyone that we see, okay, wait up , wait , I’m on the spot . Because right now those people listening are probably ranking like, okay, where’s this desk from the ranking list, right . It’s your number one, number two, number three. I just put one on the last line , which I think I’m better. I bet on the, on the last one. Okay. I can do I want to talk to you about anyways? That’s what I wish right now. There’s always a magazine that people always have . Now. The official loss is , is right there . Why ever information? You have to make a perception of why , of what episode is . And people always talk about, Oh yeah , value, extra value, plus value, extra value. And they go like, Oh, you just have to come up increasing. Or plus you’ve been beaten up by people. [inaudible] things like that right now . Here’s the thing, guys. Don’t you get so mixed up with the extra value . If you really think about it, wifi [inaudible] th th there’s no form in way that you can convince me of my actual value because my extra value is my positive value in psychology. Why five guys in psychology wise ? Why the folks , the thoughts that you form are based on your perception and why I’ve got it. So that is playful enough. So whatever I get , whatever actual value that I’m thinking of is indeed my perceived value. There’s no, there’s nothing much to really be so confused about your positive value and actual value. So however people look at you, it’s pretty much why would they value it ? Value us now is you put out mediocre content because you don’t want to , you don’t want to give all your best stuff, but then you go like, okay, I don’t want to reveal some secret things that I do. I’m just going to put in like some general stuff like, Oh , okay. So the secret to winning on Instagram is to get engaged somebody’s engagement vehicle , right? And like , Oh , you will need to put out this content. You put up infographics , infographic. And I’ll just [inaudible] strategies and things like that. Very general kind of things. And the more you put out this kind of thing, the more people will associate us being what a generalist people would just be like, Oh, she just saying the same things to everyone else will say . And then people, then people, that’s not the question. Right ? He must have a question at Sam . Oh man. I put out so much content. I put out so much value, but then, you know, I don’t really have a community and like , Oh man, why people don’t appreciate that . Maybe, maybe why don’t you actually look at a content, but it’s the content really? The same. It’s the content different from everyone else by most likely your content is the same as everyone else. [inaudible] , how’s it getting leads . You need to have a lead generation system . . Everyone knows that. Everyone knows that everyone, if somebody is following you, right. And they’re looking for content on lead generation, or maybe connecting leads and sales, right. Well, these are the basic strategies, the same thing that probably other people also doing by [inaudible] Instagram and things like that. You know what Jeff was talking about? Like January general , Instagram, I’m like, Oh, let’s see , you got to do it . Add value. Second thing is you got to do is to , uh, connect with, you know , people got about the nitty gritty things. I don’t talk about equity and value . Maybe one way to really add value is to give info graphics . And they’ll just people graphics how to read book topics with why infographic [inaudible] people would be like, okay, because there’s no like, Oh, add value, add value, add value. [inaudible] more , it’s so freaking boring. Right? It’s so [ inaudible]

Speaker 5: 

Right. So

Darius Tan: 

If you have the perception of like, Oh, I shouldn’t give my best value on social media. Just the thing guys, if you have them giving a vested on social media, now people let me go to see you as a mediocre at a van mediocre level. And you’re going to be ranked as a mediocre level. Whether you have a [inaudible] or you will be looked at as a mediocre level, rather than some are higher end high value . That’s the reason why so many leaders are booming up on social media relations about needles and the Wanda moving down the side , giving the most information out . They’re giving out the reason why the Apollo three works so well. It’s not because of like, Oh, you’ll be generous . Like I don’t give you the , the whole principle is like , Oh, be general everyday . Because while you give it what we get, right. But I think it’s a lot more to them is about the average at the law is really the whole law because the perception of people will be based on why I bet half of you. And if Weber they have on you isn’t match . You are not in my spec . You are not in mine . So you better give everything they detect this need . Like you can’t like just a big guy. He also doesn’t make sense for you to give up everything. There’s no way that you can give out everything we got and say like, you have so much information in your brain . You’re not able to give up everything. All I’m saying is that when we do some fondant, it better be a bloody best . You better be best . So that’s all I have to say for the editing , but it’s that stop it all. We folding back sequence because we think that people will scale, right ? If we think that people will stay with this thing, the futsal copycats in the market that has some people doing, maybe something similar to about colada . But the reason why people buy you is because of you. They don’t buy you because of like, Oh , the like the technique , the basics that you do is like, mind-blowingly good. I know what it by you because of you and agree , but that’s it. And don’t wait . You’re different everyone else. Right? So that’s why I have to say it for educators and last but not least offer, I think because a lot of people have really been giving offers . So I wouldn’t really talk to them on national office .

Kyle Hamer: 

You know? I think, well, I think what’s, what’s beautiful about what you said is, and I was thinking, I was like, well, how are we going to wrap this up? What’s a great way to kind of end this podcast. But I think you really touched on it with the, you know, with the part here about education in, in giving your best, like giving your best goes all the way back to the very beginning. You know what I mean? You brought us full circle here, Darius, which is why I called your DT . I mean, you’ve got, you’ve got high energy and , and, and you’ve had success, but there’s a DT truth bomb in here, which started with, you know, engage, be human, be personable. And if you’re hiding the best part of you, when it comes to how you’re educating and what you’re giving away in your content, then who’s really getting to know the real you. And at the end of the day, if marketing and sales and transactions happen, human to human, what, what are you really gaining for? You, your person, you, your business, or, you know , what you want out of life. If you’re hiding the best parts and not making them freely and part of what you give . So I appreciate you bringing this full circle on that. Any, any final thoughts from you? Uh, we, we do need to wrap up. So anything, anything else you can think of? I’d be like, Hey man, there’s one more truth bomb. You got to take with you. One more DT, DT, dominator, DT technique, whatever you want to call it .

Darius Tan: 

I like the song . Okay . Let me, let me, let me, let me think for 10 seconds, 10 seconds. After consolidating wifi, I thought he lets me do it . So we talked about, we come on on the whole data thing , like how to connect with people, how to engage with them, how to get into the DMS , how to actually connect with them, or maybe if you want to sell to them. And then we move on to Instagram, what kind of mediums and modes so you can use by and how you’ve actively been using them. And like, what’s the best way to actually achieve that . Okay. And then we talk about education. So why not just end off with the last , uh , [inaudible] sale of offer? I know that I’ll be a lot of people have a lot of grief on success . Offers could be a house. Still wants to be like right now. What I really realized is that too, on the whole social media platform itself , um, if you really want to get sales, the best we can do it is to just quote from your audience like , Hey , I’m having this. Do you want this or not? You can just grab it on my link and things like that skills work the best when it’s in the DMS sales. What’s the best thing that you have in fact , highest conflict in sales also works best in the DMS. If you’re selling a high ticket, one up , sell it in the DMS . If you’re selling a low ticket product, sell it in the link. Okay. So this is my biggest pitfall . I think most people who are thinking of like, Oh, I’m on Instagram or be at the house right now because a lot of people like [inaudible] selling a high ticket brought up, I’ll say, as long as it’s more than , um , 97 bucks do it in the DMS monitor for nice , never everything else. As long as the load low-ticket product, just do it in the links. And then for people who are already going to source media, and right now , uh , this revenue , one thing I really have to say, because I think so many people screw this up is so many people screw this up it because they listen to too much of Gary V and then they go like, okay, I’m going to go on to every platform right now. And I’m going to like execute on all platforms, guys, you are not going to achieve that. You are not going to achieve that. That’s not , that’s the thing after me going to Twitter and then going to on Instagram and needs dropping so badly on Instagram in six months, then I think I never really emphasized on this past six months, I produce more content than the number of photos . That’s how embarrassing it was. And I was focusing on the one platform, just so don’t, I’m not saying that, you know, I’m not trying to underestimate Albany decent , but I’m saying that it takes me a few hours a day, four to five hours a day, just [inaudible] and then focus my time and energy and my resolve first and spending what five for you guys with bass and things like that, and love amount of people by four to five hours a day, just to build a community. So pick a platform which you wish I hit my desk on [inaudible] it doesn’t mean your best. And Pinterest is to go on Pinterest and maybe not have your audiences on Pinterest big the platform. [inaudible] don’t make the same mistake as me as not having the end in mind, make sure you know, why you’re on the platform fall and mixed audiences on the platform. And I think that if you don’t want more information about like no social media tips and tricks, then a lot of analytics and strategy, but back to the live , your legacy podcast, right? You can search on Apple podcasts or anywhere else, Spotify as well. Um, I do do a technical training every single week and giving out strategy that you can implement on your social media for your business without spending a dime on SNL , because I do not spend anything on that. So yeah, I think that’s a huge wrap up fall . Why , but I would just say

Kyle Hamer: 

Awesome. Well, thank you again, there is , uh , for people that want to get ahold of you, it’s, it’s Darius Tan. You can search for him on , um, Twitter. You can find him on the live, your legacy podcasts, like you said, on Apple, as well as I believe you have an Instagram and a Twitter page for both of those as well. Yeah .

Darius Tan: 

So if you find you find Instagram,

Kyle Hamer: 

Oh , that’s awesome. And we’ll drop the, we’ll drop the links in the, in the description of the podcast, as well as on the blog. Uh , it’s been our pleasure to have you , uh, bring a great interview, great conversation. Uh , thank you so much Darius for being here and dropping your DT bombs for DT domination across the world. Uh, this has been your weeks , uh , has been your week’s episode of summit podcast. I’m your host, Kyle Hemer thanks for listening. Don’t forget to , uh , like follow, subscribe, whatever you , you know, whatever, whatever your jam is, but either way we’re here given truth insights and stuff that you can use, not just stuff that bore you to death. Thanks again for being here. Darious . Thank you.

Darius Tan: 

You so much for being excellent postman issue .

Darius Tan
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