10 Best Podcasts for Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Teams in 2021

Kyle Hamer • November 11, 2020

2021 best sales and marketing podcasts

ith over 525,000 live streaming podcasts, it’s hard to find the best podcasts around. How can business professionals find the up-to-date resources they need?

If you’re looking for the latest thought leaders take on sales and marketing, the following list includes the best sales, marketing, and revenue podcasts for 2021.

1. Love Selling, Hate Sales

Love Selling Hate Sales covers the art and science of selling and sales. Covering topics like transparency, the sales process, successful prospecting, channel sales, and more, this podcast leaves few sales stones unturned. Here are the key details you should know for listening:

  • Hosted by: Joshua Wagner, VP of Sales for Lead MD and host of the video series, The Tribe Digital Marketing
  • Expect to learn: the value of modern marketing.
  • Who should listen: sales reps, sales team leads, business owners seeking new ways to grow sales teams

Wagner’s coverage of sales and marketing touches on human elements and hard data. He strikes the right balance between intuitive experience and fact-based tactics. His top episodes include:

  1. What Is and Isn’t Working in Sales Today With Kyle Hamer
  2. Transparency for the Win With Elizabeth Gafford

Although Wagner’s podcast goes in-depth with live interviews, his podcast is relatively new, leaving more interesting topics to cover. Be sure to listen to his current episodes (25 plus, at the moment) and stay tuned for more.

2. State of Demand Gen

State of Demand Gen offers advice and practical tips for marketers of today. With live interviews and fireside chats from experts in the B2B tech industry, marketing professionals want to stay current.

  • Hosted by: Refine Labs, creators of the Revenue Engine Optimization to boost B2B companies’ revenue operations
  • Expect to learn: about accelerated strategies for revenue growth, marketing innovation, and buyer-focused approaches
  • Who should listen: marketing professionals, B2B business leaders, marketing leaders

As a company that emphasizes revenue growth tips and strategy, you’ll discover new opportunities to boost your competitive advantage. Top interviews include:

  1. Creating Demand with Momentum
  2. How Marketing Will Change Post-COVID-19

Its latest episodes are its most popular, due to the number of regular listeners. This popularity is just one reason this podcast makes a list of the best podcasts for 2021.

3. Top Down: Sales Growth Stories

Top Down was nominated as one of the top sales podcasts in 2018. With a mission to inspire and connect professional experience with eager listeners, Top Down is ideal for aspiring business leaders.

  • Hosted by: Josh Mastel, Founder, and CEO of UpRoar Partners
  • Expect to learn: experienced leaders thoughts and stories share insights on sales, leadership, building teams, culture, and success
  • Who should listen: budding business leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, sales leads, and reps

With its focus on sharing stories, each episode brings uplifting, inspiring content. Mastel aims to show the human side of marketing and sales. Top episodes include:

  1. The “Chief Joy Officer” himself, Rich Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations
  2. Leaders-Get Over Your Damn Self With Author and Leadership Expert Dr. Todd Dewett:

4. The Summit

The Summit gives an inside look at sales and marketing. It makes the list of best podcasts for 2021 because of its look at everyday business life. You’ll get practical knowledge from experts who live by their own advice.

  • Hosted by: Kyle Hamer, Founder, and CEO of Hamer Marketing Group
  • Expect to learn: about brand and business building with creative solutions to attract customers, inspire stakeholders, and create community
  • Who should listen: marketers, salespeople, business leaders

The Summit’s focus on current tactics used by everyday professionals lends it an of in-the-moment feel. You can’t go wrong with its inclusion of current events and forward-thinking strategy. Top podcasts include:

  1. How COVID-19 has changed event marketing forever
  2. How will outside sales change post-COVID-19?

Hamer doesn’t shy away from addressing current events’ impact on current revenue operations. But he also addresses a way to move forward instead of merely dwelling on damage control. The Summit’s practical nature affords listeners a real chance for applicable advice.

5. GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience covers a wide array of topics. This makes the list of best podcasts for 2021 because of its widespread topics. The show includes insights on growth marketing, entrepreneurism, branding, self-growth, and social media marketing.

  • Hosted by: Gary Vaynerchuk, Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, 5-Time NYT Bestselling Author
  • Expect to learn: several topics, including and beyond marketing and sales.
  • Who should listen: entrepreneurs, small business owners, salespeople, marketers, business leaders

Gary Vee is known for his content. As a serial entrepreneur (and risk-taker), he shares powerful content centered around improving oneself and one’s business ventures. Top podcast episodes include:

  1. The Airplane Project
  2. #AskGaryVee All-Time Last Calls
  3. My Fire Conversation on The Breakfast Club

Gary Vee offers more than professional development. He focuses on cultivating the best in oneself to excel naturally. Improving sales and marketing are just tiny slices of the topics he covers.

6. Marketing School With Neil Patel

Marketing School With Neil Patel is one of, if not the top, podcast for marketing. Patel’s an industry leader and covers topics as a personal B2B business leader.

  • Hosted by: Neil Patel, New York Times bestselling author,  Co-Founder at Neil Patel Digital, top web influencer (WSJ), Forbes Top 10 Marketer, Top 100 Entrepreneur Under 30
  • Expect to learn: everything about marketing and sales you’ll ever need to know, from novice to expert
  • Who should listen: aspiring marketers, salespeople, current professionals, and leaders in marketing and sales, freelancers, entrepreneurs

Patel’s hallmark as a household name of marketing keeps his content invaluable. His podcast covers everything you ever needed to know about the topic. Top episodes include:

  1. How to Gather Priceless Customer Research for Free
  2. How to Spot Nightmare Clients Before They Ever Waste Your Time

These episodes only encompass a fraction of the knowledge Patel’s Marketing School has on offer. Be sure to check out the rest of his content, as episodes update multiple times each week.

7. Conversations With Women in Sales

Conversations With Women in Sales is the definitive resource for female sales professionals. Episodes focus on adversity, managing careers, leadership, and more. The show boasts interviews with leading ladies from every industry.

  • Hosted by: Barb Giamanco, CEO of Social Centered Selling and author of “The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media”
  • What to expect: growth and success tips for any woman working in sales
  • Who should listen: women in the sales and marketing industry

Giamanco’s expertise with B2B sales and marketing makes her an industry leader for women (and men, too). Her interviews offer unique, valuable insights for any businesswoman of today. Top episodes include:

  1. Reaching the Top 1% in Selling with Cynthia Barnes
  2. Finding Your Why in Your Sales Career with Maria Tribble
  3. Why Sales is An Amazing Role for Women w/ Cynthia Barnes

As an award-winning business leader, Conversations With Women in Sales offer more than professional advice. It offers the personal perspectives of women and their own fulfillment in their careers.

8. B2B Growth Show

The B2B Growth Show offers daily content covering B2B marketing. For professionals who need to stay plugged in every day, this should be your go-to solution.

  • Hosted by: Sweet Fish Media, James Carbary Author of Content-Based Networking and Executive Producer of B2B Growth; and Jonathan Green, Chief Storyteller at Sweet Fish Media and Co-Host
  • What to expect: daily, cutting edge insight on leadership, sales and marketing alignment, strategy, and more
  • Who should listen: salespeople, marketers, business leaders

Carbary and Green offer valuable insights on a variety of topics. With the number of episodes (over 1,600) available, you’ll never run out of content. Top episodes include:

  1. The 4 Crucial Data Points for Effective SEM Campaigns
  2. How to Pick Up Sales Wisdom During a Pandemic
  3. How to Negotiate With Confidence

As one of the top 100 marketing podcasts, the B2B Growth Show makes a list of the best podcasts for 2021.

9. Automate and Grow

Automate and Grow offers insights for startups and marketing automation. It offers valuable insights into the tools available and what is or isn’t worth your sales time.

  • Hosted by: Michael Devellano, Salesforce Consultant and Author of Automate & Grow
  • What to expect: valuable resources to grow businesses and streamline business operations
  • Who should listen: entrepreneurs, business leaders, small and medium business owners

If you’re ready to start the journey of growing your business, this podcast is for you. Top episodes include:

  1. Marc Bromhall Helping Software and SaaS Founders Scale Content Marketing
  2. Matthew Hunt is the Wolf of Automation

Devellano offers helpful insights for sales and marketing solutions. His content is very approachable for those new to the business.

10. Fresh Business Thinking with The Brand Guys

Fresh Business Thinking offers key analysis on brand disruption and strategy. The show includes interviews with advice for brand building.

  • Hosted by: The Brand Guys of Fresjz Management Consulting
  • What to expect: the latest tips and insights on all things brand-related.
  • Who should listen: business leaders and marketers

Fresh Business Thinking offers the latest takes on branding strategy. Top episodes include:

  1. Iconic Scottish Brands
  2. Life in the Brand Lane

The Brand Guys emphasize all things “fresh.” To keep ahead of branding trends, tune into this podcast.

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