Will this cute puppy help you sell more?

How much is that doggy in the window?  Oh wait, you sell insurance?
Everyone loves puppies.   So you might think, ‘How can I go wrong advertising our company with a cute, cuddly image?’   Fundamentally, you have to ask, “Will this cute puppy help me sell more product or services?”
Can you answer this question with a yes? Or can you confidently say no?  Most business owners struggle with their brand and how to paint a picture of who they are in the market. For example, Coke uses a Polar Bear, so if a furry animal is good enough for Coke, it must be good enough for me.
Not so fast!  Coke has MILLIONS of dollars to spend on advertising and they haven’t needed to explain what their product was in decades.  We all know, Coke is a highly carbonated, caffeinated, sugar-filled beverage that can lead to diabetes, tooth decay, and has been known to power grade school science projects (just ask mentos).  Coke has their customer for life, with their high doses of addictive sugar and caffeine.  Their goal is not to educate or enlighten their customer to the benefits of their product, but to create a feeling of happiness with their branding.
Unless you are selling a sugary, carbonated beverage, your goal is quite the opposite.  You want to show them how you are FAB-ulous.   Shine a light on the Features, Advantages and Benefits of your product or services.
Give your customers something refreshing this year.   Don’t try and razzle-dazzle them with a quick, cuddly campaign.  Dig in, find out who your business really is, and tell the market the truth.
  • What is my primary product/service?
  • What are the advantages to my product/service over others?
  • Why is my product the best choice for the customer to buy?
If you can answer these three questions you have a good start on your brand.  If you don’t, make insetting them your 2019 goal.