The benefits of a strong marketing operation

Kyle Hamer   •   February 7, 2020


arketing operations is a term generally used to define the functions of the marketing organization. It’s inclusive of the technology, process, and people that positively influence the operation of marketing. Additionally, it ensures that marketing is consistent and well-executed. It requires strategies and tactics to uniquely solve most of the marketing problems before competitors are aware. It also involves all the operations that ensure your customers get the right information about your products and services. It is thus ineffective if the proper steps are not followed. It becomes a hard task ensuring that the right clients and customers understand your business. These operations came up as a way to help in the profitability, accountability, efficiency, and transparency of companies. The introduction of better marketing practices is accelerated by modern marketing ways that keep on evolving due to the changing technology.

The marketing operations keep on increasing as time goes by. This is due to the stiff competition in the marketing sector. Most marketers, therefore, tend to use complex technological ways to deal with this. The marketers are always held accountable for the revenue of the company. This drives them to ensure that they find better marketing ways to ensure the required income is generated. Strategic marketing ways in a business will contribute to the success of the company, thus making it competitive. To ensure that this is done well, vital skills to align platforms, people, and processes, are applied.

MO mainly involves three essential steps. Quality assurance, system creation, and optimization. When we begin with quality assurance, it is usually critical as it is an indication of the efficiency of the MO. The MO members get some feedback from their colleagues to go ahead and fix the problem based on the situation. On optimization, the MO team should all the time to be aware and familiar with the working of the system. They should continuously optimize. They should also ask on how to ensure the smooth running of the operations the next time the system is used.

Having a marketing operations team is essential for success. It brings many benefits, especially to the senior stakeholders of businesses. A strategic marketing operation contributes massively to the organization. Its main task usually enhances continuous and effective marketing. It does this through technologies, people, and processes to ensure that the objectives of the organization are achieved. Leadership and transformation through operation and vision are just some factors that contribute to a capable team. It helps since an effective one will be the major contributor to the growth of the company. This, therefore, benefits a marketing director, chief financial officer, executive team, and the sales of the company. MO teams enhance the smooth running of operations in the company. A strong MO team is one of the main engines that run the organization. Most companies with effective marketing operations are at the upper hand when it comes to their success. They mostly outgrow their competitors.


The Head of Marketing, or the Marketing Director, is the one responsible for all the marketing activities of an organization. A marketing director is a significant and essential senior staff of the organization. This is because the firm needs him/her, especially in the quick reaction to the competitive and changing market conditions. Marketing leaders with an active marketing group possess a strategic advantage. This is because they work hand in hand with the head of marketing in providing well-thought skills in marketing, technology, and execution for the overall growth of the organization. The difference between an organization with a good marketing team and the one that lacks is very distinct. This is usually demonstrated in the team’s direct revenue contribution.

Strategic marketing teams are often a key characteristic of organizations with strong revenues and revenue growth. Since the team deals with the collection and analysis of the data on the market, the marketing director benefits because of the direct access to the data. In these organizations, the marketing leader will run the marketing team like a business. He/she will also ensure the organization gets the highest returns. This kind of marketing leader is usually exceptional at managing the profit and loss statement.

High-quality leaders will also utilize the data to ensure the proper use of limited resources to boost marketing. All these will only happen in the presence of an effective marketing operation team. The marketing leader gains credibility inside the executive team due to the profitable growth of the company attributed to the team. Also, the marketing leader has a greater chance of being critical to other strategies for the organization. Making the MOP team a vital organ in assisting the marketing leader.


The Chief Financial Officer of an organization is responsible for the management of the finances of the company. This includes the financial keeping, management, and financial planning of the organization. The chief financial officer is also responsible for data analysis. Besides, the chief financial officer is the financial spokesperson of the organization and controls the finance unit. The marketing operation team is vital to the chief financial officer because they make the CFO’s work easier. In the absence of data provided by the marketing team, the CFO is tasked with working on the marketing budget which is usually a nightmare to most of them. The marketing team continues to provide more crucial and essential information regarding the market as it continuously grows. This is clearly shown in the outcomes of the revenue results. The chief financial officer can then easily work with the marketing data to ensure the organization is heading the right way financially. In addition to this, the chief financial officer will be in a position to effectively manage the budget and can measure the overall effectiveness.


The executive team is usually responsible for leading the organization. They are the core decision-makers inside the organization and the success or failure is attributed to them. Executives benefit from the marketing team in several ways. Through the marketing team, the executives will realize the essence of using marketing to gain more profits. This is because the marketing team uses technology and analyzes data to ensure that the goals of the organization are attained. Companies with serious, efficient, and strong marketing operation teams, leverage marketing as their primary criteria for the growth of their organization.

The MOPs analyze data on matters relating to the market. The executive will, therefore, use the data to get the real picture concerning the market. This data has great importance to the executive as it enlightens them and guides them on some decisions to make. These decisions are of great importance in the growth and future of the organization. This clearly shows the importance of the marketing team to the executive.


Marketing operation functions are also essential to sales. Marketing always goes hand in hand with sales and the best teams will have a close relationship between the two.  Historically, it has been a big challenge as an effective communication link hasn’t emerged. Despite the efforts made, the results that came out were always negative. A strategic MO group came to the rescue. It strengthened the relationship between sales and marketing. This is because the marketing group uses reliable and sincere data relating to marketing. The marketing team uses the current data regarding the market; it analyzes it, then uses modern technology to implement the changes. This improves sales at a very significant level. The sales team enjoys the fruits of the marketing team as they receive updated and sincere customer information to sales. It improves sales by a substantial margin, hence contributing to the overall success of the sales team.

The critical stakeholders in your company need to be enlightened. This is because everyone needs to be interested in the creation of an effective MOP team and generally in the success of the business. Take your time to carefully and critically select people that will be on your team and then enlighten them. This is done by thoroughly training and educating them.
It goes without doubt that having an active and strategic MOP team generally contributes positively to the growth of your organization.