Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Automation

Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Automation

Kyle Hamer • November 28, 2020

An organization’s primary objectives are to maximize profit, achieve competitive advantage, and grow their business. The key to achieving this is by efficient and effective use of business resources. However, large corporations and even small businesses still struggle to streamline their operations and fail to generate more revenue.

In order for a business to grow rapidly, they need to adapt to the right tools. We are talking about marketing automation which refers to technology or software platforms that automate, streamline, and measure tasks and workflows for better operation and revenue growth.

Understanding Marketing Automation

Marketing automation isn’t only for large corporations. Small businesses and even entrepreneurs utilize this important tool for streamlining their business operations. Investing in marketing automation is extremely beneficial as it can immensely help businesses with lead generation, lead scoring and nurturing, segmentation, cross-sell and up-sell, retention, relationship marketing and measuring return on investment. A few of its features include email marketing automation, landing pages, CRM integration, marketing analytics and social marketing.

How it works:

Doing things manually takes a lot of time, money and effort. A sales agent is also likely to offer the wrong product to the customer or call a client that is no longer interested. These mistakes can be avoided with marketing automation.

All of your leads are not hot leads. Some of them are not ready to purchase yet, still thinking about buying, need more information, or not interested at all. With marketing automation, it’s easier to manage your sales pipeline. You’ll quickly find out whether a customer is ready to buy your product or service or just ready to build rapport with you. By automating, you can tag a client as a Hot Lead, and you are assured that someone from the Sales department will make a follow up in a timely manner.

Marketing automation is efficient, quick, and effective. However, a business also needs to strategize to ensure success.

Business Success with Marketing Automation

It’s not enough to automate your business operations. To grow your business, you need to also change how you do things. A surefire way to ensure success is by hiring people with the right skills and implementing the right strategies.

Some of the key metrics you need to measure include conversion rates of new leads, the number of qualified leads and their success rates, and the acquisition cost per customer. Your business will highly likely succeed when you have the right strategies and you know how to effectively implement them.

For sales, you may want to find out how to nurture leads or customers that are not ready to purchase yet, how to recycle old leads, and even convert refusals to sales.

Knowing how to measure your return on investment or having the right people are some of the keys to business success.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Marketing Automation

Investing in marketing automation software to streamline business operations is incredibly beneficial. Below are its major benefits:

1. Saves Time and Money

Marketing automation can help you simplify and standardize processes which means less time to work on updates or spreadsheets. You can significantly reduce cost as there is no need to hire more people to manually do the work.

2. Rapid Revenue Growth

By automating the business operations, you can focus on the right customers or the hot leads, build relationships with clients pre-sales, and engage with customers at the right time.

After a sales purchase, marketing automation can let an organization form good relationships with their clients by creating a seamless experience for them and responding to consumer behavior both offline and online. As a result, you are able to build credibility for your brand and you gain a customer’s trust.

3. Measure Marketing Operations

To know whether your marketing efforts are working, businesses need to analyze and measure their marketing investments. You can easily do this with marketing automation.

It helps businesses create a record of all their marketing efforts and run tests that help them determine whether a certain campaign works or not. Most importantly, it helps businesses find out whether marketing efforts directly affect revenue growth.

Are you Ready to Automate your Business?

When your business is stagnant or your marketing efforts are not helping you convert sales, it may be time to switch to marketing automation.

Before purchasing which software or technology to use, find out what your needs are first. You will need to be very specific about your business goals. Do you need better and quality leads or do you need to improve conversion rates? Other factors you need to consider are launching campaigns quickly or working on your landing pages.

Plan the steps you need to take to achieve these then check all your resources. If you have a shortlist of software platforms you need to use, identify whether you meet all the system requirements. It’s imperative to determine who will be using the system and how user-friendly it is. Assemble your team and evaluate the potential vendors. As much as possible, ask for a demonstration of their automated software to check whether it delivers what was promised. Ask a lot of questions to ensure that it will meet your needs.

Why You Need to Invest in Marketing Automation

Exploring different alternatives to maximizing profit is one of the best practices that you need to implement. This is why you should consider streamlining and automating your business operations. Marketing Automation can lead to more sales and can effectively measure which marketing campaigns are working.

If you do not have an email list yet, you can automate an opt-in form to start building your subscriber base and convert more sales. With marketing automation, you will be provided with powerful stats to see whether all your campaigns work and you can focus to get results fast.

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