Marketing Automation Consultant

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’re a B2B company is considering purchasing a marketing automation solution like Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot or Hubspot.
  • Purchased a new marketing technology and your internal team and implementation specialists can’t get it to do what you want.
  • Feel like you should be getting more out of your automation platform but don’t know have a clear picture of how to go forward.
  • Sales leadership and marketing aren’t aligned on the quality or quantity of leads being generated.
  • Your in-house marketing operation professional took another job, and now you are in need of a marketing automation contractor to bridge the gap and keep your campaigns rolling while you decide what to do next.
  • Ambitious lead generation goal and you’re not sure where how to generate all the leads.
  • Marketing automation is on auto-pilot, you have a decent plan and are getting decent results — but you aren’t satisfied and want to take your automation to the next level.

Expand your marketing with a marketing automation consultant for better results, and less effort.

Most businesses understand basic marketing, the more relevant an offer or product is, the more likely they are to buy a product or service. Making it critical to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time no matter the place in their journey.  Using a marketing automation consultant can help align the message and technology.

Here’s how you reach your potential with better marketing automation.

4 step marketing automation consulting process:

  1. Understand your business. (Value Prop, Target Audience, and Go-to-market strategy)
  2. Understand the customer journey.
  3. Map the workflows to the technology stack.
  4. Make recommendations for the highest impact.
Audit your current system and process with one of our marketing automation consultants today.

Marketing Automation Consulting