February 2020

What is Marketing Operations?

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Marketing operations is a framework for how marketing projects and campaigns are delivered.  A marketing operation will include project management which could be Agile or Waterfall, processes & workflow for campaign delivery, marketing automation, data management, and reporting.

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Why would I want marketing operations?

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Marketing operations team and its individual members are focused on impact.  The MOP ensures the business process, sales alignment, and marketing activities are visible to the leaders for driving growth.  Any organization with stalling sales, slipping market expansion, or just getting started will benefit from a marketing operations team focused on the company’s growth through process improvement, marketing systems management, ...

What does a marketing operations team do?

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The marketing operations team (MOPs) is an important part of a market team.  Tasked with ensuring the marketing technology, processes, data, and reporting are all functioning correctly, this team has a diverse set of tasks inside their responsibility. A marketing operations team will: Manage processes and align with sales. Ensure marketing technology (software) is implemented, executing, and tracking for the ...

How can a good marketing operation benefit me?

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Think of marketing operations as to how your marketing team gets things done and bring the brand to market.   Marketing operations will bring a diverse set of technical, project management, and reporting skills to assist your business’s growth strategy.  You get the benefit of an operational team balancing the systems and processes necessary to align sales effectively and insight into ...