Build the Right

Team for Success

An entrepreneurially minded partner who knows first-hand what it takes to grow profitably while meeting the needs of a rapidly changing company.

Equip Your GTM Teams With Experienced Strategy & Leadership

12 years of experience driving revenue growth through strategic marketing planning, revenue marketing, demand generation programs, and innovative go-to-market strategies tailored for each company, market, and need.

15 years of experience as an individual contributor, channel manager, and VP of Sales. Tailor your GTM strategy to eliminate the friction between sales and marketing with an experienced executive focused on driving revenue and making sales life easier.

11 years of experience building successful customer journeys for retention, up-sell, cross-sell, and customer marketing.

20 years of sales, marketing, and customer insights aligning GTM strategy to revenue operations for improved customer acquisition and retention while removing systems friction in the customer journey.

6 years of experience leading go-to-market teams through M&A with a focus on initial due diligence and implementing strategic systems, people, and process centralization.

Kyle Hamer

Fractional CMO/CRO


Revenue Growth Rate

Gobal CMO at Asite and more than doubled the business in 22 months.


New Revenue

New logo revenue growth during our time in GTM leadership


B2B Businesses Served

Developed, led, or executed GTM campaigns and strategic programs.

Build Strategies for Go-To-Market Growth.

Blitz-scale, scale-up, or profitable growth. We focus on building tailored GTM strategies and modifying them for optimal production as you scale your SaaS business. 

Investors Served

Boost Your Bottom Line and Optimize for Profitability.

Team working

A True Partner

Your business’s success is critical to how we attack your project. While many fractional CMOs/CROs come in with a biased playbook, we take a true survey of your business, goals, and current circumstances to build a short and long-term plan for success. Your success is our success.

Holistic Approach

Strong revenue performance and rapid market growth require looking at the business. A focused look at the go-to-market sales, marketing, and product teams uncovers friction points as you scale. We take a holistic approach to analyzing the customer journey and finding friction points in your operation, expanding impact beyond marketing programs and into revenue growth.

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“ In a high pressure situation within an organization undergoing immense transformational change, Kyle was a tireless advocate for elevating the quality of our work and making decisions grounded in sound data-based rationale and deep understanding of customer insights. ”

Dave Haughey

Interim Creative Director, ConstructConnect